Team Us!

This weekend we got to go to a beautiful wedding, where two beautiful people got married in a beautiful ceremony. It was beautiful. I like weddings because they remind me of the wonderful day when the hubs and I got married.

When we got married we said we’d always be on each others’ team. We still say that today, especially if a “discussion” seems to be brewing – “Same team!”

So, because we are on the same team, it was a little upsetting this past week when the hubs started talking in his sleep about us being on different teams. I was having trouble getting comfortable, and turned over quite forcefully. The hubs started, and I thought maybe I scared him awake.

Hubs (sounding upset): What’s wrong?

Me: Nothing’s wrong, it’s just me.

Hubs: Just tell me what the problem is.

Me: There’s no problem, Buddy, it’s ok.

Hubs (very annoyed): Yeah…I don’t know why you won’t be on my team!

Me: I want to be on your team.

Hubs: No you don’t. Tell me what the problem is!

Me (insanely reasoning with an asleep person): There isn’t a problem, it’s ok.

Hubs (still annoyed): I don’t think so. I don’t know why you won’t talk to me.

Me: I’ll talk to you, it’s ok.

Hubs (turning away from me): Well, if you won’t talk to me it’s no use. Good night.

Me: All right. I love you.

Hubs (a little louder): I said, “good night!”

Me (getting annoyed myself): Hey, and I said, “I love you.”

Hubs (grumbling): Well, I love you, too.

And then he did not say anything else. I am glad that we are on the same team in real life, if not when he is asleep!


The Beginning of It All

This past week was our wedding anniversary.

Here we are on the big day! I was just hanging out in the woods wearing this white dress and ran into the hubs, who happened to be in a suit. (Photos by Chris Pritchard)

Occasionally I am asked how I happened to meet the hubs, and how he became my sleep talking husband. Well, that’s a funny story.

I was a lowly undergrad, making my way up the stairs in the campus cafeteria to the balcony, which we lovingly referred to as Up-Chucks. This very tall man in front of me all of the sudden turned around and started talking to me.

Tall man: Hi! How’s it going?

Me (not knowing who this person was, but assuming that I probably met him before and just didn’t remember): It’s going well. How are you?

Tall man: Doing great. What did you think of the speaker today?

Me (really trying to figure out who this person was): Pretty good.

Tall man (stopping suddenly on the stairs and turning around completely): I am so very sorry. I thought you were that girl over there… who I just met a few days ago… I don’t think I know you… at all.

Me (laughing, feeling a little awkward): Oh, that’s alright. That actually makes me feel better because I had no idea who you were.

Tall man: Yeah, no problem. Alright, well, I’ll see you around.

Me: Yeah, have a nice life!

Then we parted ways. I was feeling self-conscious about my awkwardness at telling him to have a nice life, but consoled myself with the thought that I would probably never see him again.

And that is how I met the hubs. Some months later we were introduced for real by mutual friends at an ice cream shop, and the rest as they say is history!

It would have been very romantic if the hubs had talked in his sleep this past week about our wedding or anniversary, but alas he did not. What he did do was some sort of rhythmic chant. Oh, hubs.

One morning this past week, I was laying in bed, having woken up very early with a stomach ache. I was trying to decide if my stomach hurt because my appendix had ruptured, or if it had to do with the 7 chocolate chip cookies I ate right before bed. All of the sudden the hubs started doing some sort of chant, with one drawn out word, followed by two shorter repetitions of the same word.

Hubs: SNORT, snort, snort… NOO, no, no… CHIEF, chief, chief… SEEE, see, see

Then he didn’t say anything else. I have no idea what on earth he could have been dreaming about to make him chant like this. When I told him about it in the morning he didn’t know what I was talking about. What I do know, however, is that being married to him for the past few years has been a dream come true.

And they lived happily ever after.