The Long Goodnight

Sometimes only a few words is all it takes to completely change a situation. Whether you are trying to diffuse a disagreement, tell someone how much you care, or get another driver’s attention, it just takes a few well chosen words.

One of the first words the munchkin could say clearly was, “help.” This word can definitely pack a punch in the right circumstances. For example, the munchkin whipped out this great word one time in the grocery store parking lot. I was trying to get the munchkin into his car seat, but he was disinclined to acquiesce. To show his displeasure he was holding himself as stiff as a board, and I was trying to get him to bend at the waist enough to get strapped in to his seat.

So, there we were in the grocery store parking lot, me karate-chopping the munchkin’s middle, and all of the sudden he throws his head out the window and lets out in his little voice, “Help! Help!” Those two words made a big difference. Where previously the scene had appeared innocuous enough, now I was frantically stuffing a fighting child into a van while he yelled, “Help!” in a little squeaky toddler voice. Thankfully I was able to get him safely strapped in before anyone thought I was abducting him.

Last week we had a situation where the hubs spoke just a few words in his sleep, but it changed my night completely. I woke up to the hubs sitting up and tapping me gently.

Me: Huh? What’s wrong?

Hubs: Goodnight, love.

Me: What do you mean? What’s going on?

Then the hubs rolled back over and went right on sleeping, never waking up. As he slept peacefully, I laid there staring at the ceiling, noticing how much I really need to dust the ceiling fan. The hubs can normally brighten my day with just a few words, but this time his two words made me miss out on a good night’s sleep!


The Best Guard Dog in the County

Our dog is very protective of her family. Thankfully she does not bark excessively and get us in trouble with the apartment complex. However, she does spend the vast majority of her waking hours guarding the apartment. She looks out over the lawn, giving a little snort whenever she sees someone pass by the window.

This is the dog’s favorite chair to sit on while she looks out the window, surveying her domain.

She does not bark at any dogs except for one: a small yorkie that I’m sure is very nice, but she for some reason views as a threat. The yorkie is the size of an overweight guinea pig, so I have no idea why the dog gets so upset, but she does. She barks and whines whenever that little rodent with bows in her hair walks by. The dog also freaks out and howls when the hubs walks around the building so she can’t see him anymore. When this happens she throws herself on the ground and “ROOOROOOROOO!”s her great displeasure.

More looking out the window. Is that the yorkie?!? Nope, it’s all ok. Just a giant yellow lab.

Everything looks quiet on the western front.

Sometimes the laundry pile needs to be guarded, too.

I’m glad that she is so protective of us, although she is so petite I don’t think that she would be much help if we really were under attack. The hubs is the REAL protector of our family, even though the dog thinks she is.

Last night the hubs all of the sudden sat up in his sleep, then started talking.

Hubs: 48, 54, 72, maybe…maybe a little more than that.

Me: Hmm… what, Buddy?

Hubs: I think, I really think 54. That’s enough.

Me: 54? 54 what?

Hubs: 54 feet. That’s how many it will take to protect her. Probably 54 feet, minimum.

Me: Oh, ok… you think 54 is enough?

Hubs: Yeah. That should be far enough to keep her safe.

Me: Keep who safe from what?

Hubs: Oh, don’t worry about it, Baby. It’s ok. Nothing to worry about.

Then he leaned over, gave me a peck on the forehead, and rolled back over to sleep.

I don’t know who the hubs was protecting in his sleep, but I do know that with him around I feel much safer.