The Amazing, Nesting Beagle!

The dog is very sensitive. If she gets upset, or scared, or cold, or excited she burrows into a nice cozy nest, like this:

In the past week the dog has gotten upset and felt the need to burrow into a little nest over the following things:

1. A thunderstorm, with lots of thunder and lightning.

2. The neighbor dog got a longer lead and can now round the corner of our building.

3. Watching WALL-E. She bawled like a baby. Oh, wait. That was me.

4. The hubs took a shower and fully latched the bathroom door. Normally the dog sits on the bathroom rug and waits for him, but with the door shut she was forced to hide under a pillow and whine until he got out.

The hubs’ sleep talking does not scare the dog enough to make her hide under some blankets, but if she had been there this past week when he sat up and started yelling, she probably would have run straight to the couch to make a pillow nest!

This past week I was working late and got home after the hubs had fallen asleep. Then I fell asleep over my bowl of whole grain spaghettios, so by the time I was slipping into the bedroom the hubs had been asleep for some time. I cracked open the door, and heard the hubs jump.

Hubs (sitting up suddenly and yelling): HEY!

I froze, a little concerned that in his asleep state he might jump at me.

Hubs: Oh, hi… I can’t see anything. I just can’t see anything. Who are you?

Me (starting to move into the room): Its me.

Hubs: Oh, ok.

Me: You ok?

Hubs: I just can’t see anything.

Me: Ok… So, you asleep?

Hubs: No, but, well, maybe. Are you?

Me: No…ok, well goodnight. I think you are asleep.

Hubs: I’m not…

Me: Can you prove it?

Hubs (lying back down): No… I love you.

Me: I love you, too.

I am glad the hubs calmed down and got over the fact that he could not see anything. And I am glad that the dog was not there to run and hide under our covers.