A slow week

I chose to start a blog to post once a week about how much the hubs talks in his sleep – so of course he has not said anything of note in over the past seven nights. Just a few mumblings and last night he laughed for a minute, but nothing that’s worthy of the internet. Therefore, I will take this opportunity to share what in my mind is still the absolute funniest conversation the hubs and I have ever had when one of us was sleeping.

It happened some time ago, and I was sitting up in bed reading when my sweet, asleep hubs rolled over and went on the offensive:

Hubs (in an extremely aggressive, not very like him tone): You crossed the line. Even worse, you crossed my line!

Me: What?!?!?

Hubs: You’re a LEGALIST!

Me: Excuse me?

Hubs: Yeah, a legalist… I bet if they had said you couldn’t dance until you were 21, you would have done it!

Me: You had BEST be asleep!

Hubs: Yeah, you really are a legalist.

And then he rolled over and didn’t say anything else, leaving me to silently laugh at him, wondering which “line” exactly I had crossed. And just so everyone knows, I am most definitely not a legalist. And if someone had told me I couldn’t dance until I was 21 I would have totally gone all “Footloose” on them. Just don’t ask my hubs while he is sleeping, because apparently he thinks differently.