Laughter is the Best Medicine

I am really looking forward to the munchkin’s first laugh. I know it is still a little premature to be expecting a giggle, but I keep hoping.

The munchkin does lots of smiling, just no laughing yet.

The munchkin does lots of smiling, just no laughing yet.

Laughing is just so wonderful, and I want him to have that joy. Plus, laughter can make a bad situation better. Last week we had a situation that wasn’t funny at the time, but that we could laugh about later.

I was up reading in bed when all of the sudden the hubs sat up and started shaking his arm.

Me: Whatcha doing?

Hubs: My arm’s feeling funny.

Me: Oh, ok.

The hubs continued to shake his arm. I thought he was awake, but was not completely sure.

Me: Are you asleep?

Hubs (yelling): No, I’m very awake! Don’t assume the worst about me! Why do you always do that? You shouldn’t assume the worst!

Me: Excuse me? What is wrong with you? I’m not assuming the worst, I just didn’t know if you were awake!

Hubs: Well, it’s just something you always do. Just STOP IT!

Me: Well, FINE!

Then I slammed my book shut and went to sleep in a huff. The next morning the hubs and I had a discussion about what had happened: apparently he was asleep for the whole thing. And he was quite surprised when he rolled over in the morning, and found an extremely grumpy wife!

At least we were able to laugh about it later; the hubs saw the humor in it much sooner than I did. Laughing together makes everything better. I know that when the munchkin finally does laugh it will have been worth the wait.


How Rude!

The hubs and I work very hard to communicate with each other in a kind and loving way. We have several rules: attack the action but not the person, tone of voice matters and do the best to not exaggerate. (I really struggle with that last one, like a million times a day… and I just did it again.) We also have phrases that are off-limits when we talk to each other. One of these is “shut-up.” With that background, you can now understand the scandal of my conversation with my asleep hubs earlier this week.

I was sleeping and suddenly woke up when I felt the hubs start.

Me: Are you ok?

Hubs: Yes, it’s alright. I just can’t believe you did that again!

Me: Did what again?

Hubs: You told me to shut-up!

Me: I did not! When did I tell you to shut-up?

Hubs: Half an hour ago, you told me to shut-up, and now you’ve done it again!

Me (picking up my phone to look at the time): Look at the clock! Half an hour ago was 1:30 in the morning!

Hubs: Well, it’s just rude, that’s all.

Then he rolled back over and didn’t say anything else. And so I rolled over and giggled at the irony of him being told to shut-up in his dreams. I hope that his dreams are normally much friendlier.