Elementary, my dear Hubs!

This week several mysteries were solved in our home:

1. Where the dog’s rope toy went. It’s been missing for a few days. She barfed it up (still whole) day before last. Dogs are disgusting. I am never getting her a rope toy ever again.

2. Why the hubs asks me to buy bananas EVERY WEEK and then they go brown and mushy EVERY WEEK because he doesn’t eat them. I figured out that he knows that I won’t waste food, so I’ve been making banana cakes, banana bread, anything you can make with old bananas. I’m on to you, hubs. No more bananas in our house, ever!

Making banana bread... again.

3. Why the dog is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. I was sweeping the floor and the hubs walked in, pointed to the upholstery attachment and said to me, “Isn’t it wonderful that it has that side hose-attachment to get the hair directly off of the dog?”

Surveying the enemy

However, there is one mystery from this week that we may never solve: what on earth the hubs was dreaming about when he started petting my hair in his sleep. I was kind of cold when I went to bed so pulled the covers up around my head. Several hours later I woke up to the hubs lifting the covers off of me, then gently patting my head.

Me – “Umm…”

Hubs – “It’s ok.”

Me – “…Umm…”

Hubs (still patting my head gently) – “Yeah, it’s ok. No big deal.”

Me – “Hmm…ok…”

Then the hubs patted my head a couple more times and rolled back over.

We will never know what the hubs was dreaming about that led him to be so comforting. I suppose some things are best left a mystery.