March Madness is a big deal in our house. The hubs spends hours, reading stats and reports on possible upsets, carefully crafting the perfect bracket. I am equally concerned with my bracket, but I have a slightly different strategy. I take the following steps:

  1. My favorite letter is “K.” Therefore, teams who school starts with “K” win automatically. If two “K” teams play each other, the team with the higher rank wins.
  2. My little brother’s alma mater wins every game, unless they play a “K” team.
  3. Xavier wins their first game for sure, no matter what they are ranked. It starts with an “X.” That’s just a laugh-riot.
  4. For the first round, teams ranked 12 or 9 automatically win as upsets. (As long as they are not trumped by one of the earlier rules.)
  5. After all these steps are followed, I go by rank. The better ranked team wins. The exception is if a team ranked 3 plays a 4: teams ranked 4 win.

It is an extremely sophisticated system. And, it works. Last year, I won. The entire thing. I beat the hubs and our whole pool and everything. I am pretty sure the hubs’ head exploded when he realized my “K” teams were going all the way and I was going to beat him. It was awesome.

Sic 'em Bears! (Sleeping on a Baylor sweatshirt is the full extent of the dog's participation in March Madness.)

Basketball and March Madness is such a big deal to the hubs that he goes to some of the games. He came back from seeing some games in Columbus early this past week. I think that his time there was on his mind when he went to sleep, because he (completely asleep) woke me up to tell me about free tickets.

Hubs: Yeah, did you do that?

Me (pretty groggy, trying to determine if something is wrong): Do what?

Hubs: Get them for free?

Me (nothing wrong, just the usual sleep talking): No…no, it wasn’t me.

Hubs: Oh, who was it then?

Me: I don’t know… you’re the one who told me.

Hubs: What? You’re not making any sense. Do you even know what we’re talking about?

Me: Umm…no, not really. You’re the one who told me they were free.

Hubs: I’m talking about tickets. And some people got them for NOTHIN’. But since you don’t know, don’t worry about it.

Me: Oh, ok. Anything else?

Hubs: Never mind, you just don’t seem to know what we’re talking about.

Then he rolled back over and I could go back to sleep.

The hubs is so funny. I am glad he gets such joy from March Madness, but I would prefer that he only talk to me about it when we are BOTH awake.