Moving Right Along

We are still on the road, with the hubs biking along over the mountains.

Traveling with the hubs is very fun, but the time zone changes mess up our sleep schedules. When we go to bed, it is still practically broad daylight. And then I wake up at 5:30 am, bright eyed and bushy tailed, wondering why the cafe is still closed and not ready to make me some breakfast.

One of the good things about the hubs going to bed so early, even though the sun is still up, is that he gets lots of rest and can recuperate from his day of biking. With all of this sleeping, he talked some in his sleep this week.

Earlier this week the hubs was asleep, and I was sitting in bed reading. Since it was still light out and the hotel room was bright as day, I figured I might as well try to adjust to the time change. The hubs all of the sudden propped himself up on his elbow and started talking loudly.

Hubs: 200!

Me: What, buddy?

Hubs: Did you hear that? 200!

Me: Yes, I heard. 200 what?

Hubs: No big deal.

Me: Ok. 200 what, though?

Hubs (flopping down again): Nothing for you to worry about. No big deal.

Then he didn’t say anything else.

I don’t know what 200 meant in his dream… the number of times we’ve crossed the squiggly continental divide? The number of bison we have seen this week? The number of Fig Newtons the hubs has eaten while biking? Who knows! But I do know that we’re having a great time and I’m very proud of him biking along!


The Great Bike Race

The hubs is the best biker in the entire world. At least, I think so, and I am not at all biased.

Here is the hubs after riding up a mountain out west.

Sometimes the hubs is in bike races. Although he really likes this, I do not particularly like it when he races. I get all fluttery and nervous and every time there is the slightest little wobble or bumping of handle bars my heart drops down to my stomach. In bike racing, you never know what will happen: at the race last week there was lots of swerving and some close calls because of a turtle crossing the track!

After the race this past week, the hubs’ performance was obviously on his mind when he (finally) fell asleep. It was sometime shortly after 3 in the morning. The hubs all of the sudden propped himself up on one elbow and started talking to me loudly.

Hubs: 24? Are you sure it was only 24?

Me: Hmmm?? What??

Hubs: Are you sure I only beat 24 people? More like… probably more like 26… yeah, 26.

Me: Ugghhhh… what time is it?

Hubs: Definitely more than 22. At least 24. I beat at least that many.

Me: UHH, please go to bed.

Hubs: Yeah, I think 26.

Then he flopped back down and did not say anything else.

I am so proud of the hubs, and it doesn’t matter if he beats 22 or 24 or 26 or zero or all of the other racers. I still think he is the best bike racer ever!