Come on in and meet the fam.

The Hubs – My husband is just the sweetest, gentlest, most wonderful man I know. I love being married to him. He likes road cycling, playing basketball, and trying new restaurants. During the day he’s a mild mannered business man. However, when he falls asleep he becomes like a crazy person: saying ridiculous things, yelling at the wall and holding conversations with the lamp. At first I found these nocturnal antics alarming, but now I laugh them off and roll back over to go to sleep.

The hubs vowing to be My Sleep Talking Husband forever, until death do us part

The Wifelet – That’s me. I love tea-lattes, dark chocolate, and reading Jane Austen books again and again. When I’m not blogging about my husband’s talking in his sleep, I’m a teacher. I just started working on my first quilt and recently started playing the ukulele. “Playing” might be a little strong, maybe “strumming while wildly waving my fingers trying to make a chord” is more accurate.

The dog – Our little cutie came from the hubs’ parents’. The hubs is crazy about her: he calls her “Sweetheart” and “Baby girl.” She likes long walks, peanut butter, and sniffing every single light pole in the neighborhood.

Look at that darling snuffler

I hope the hubs’ slumbering musings will bring you joy.


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