My International Sleep Talking Husband

The hubs and I recently had the opportunity to visit some of his family members in England.



We had the most wonderful time, and I marked a lot of things off of my bucket list that I had always dreamed of seeing.


Y’all, see how I’m twirling in this gorgeous assembly room in Bath? I’m doing that because JANE AUSTEN DANCED HERE, UNDER THESE VERY CHANDELIERS. I had no chill when we walked into this room.

We also ate a ton of delicious food. I could happily eat scones and clotted cream every day for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, that opportunity has not presented itself.


One of the things I love about traveling is how completely different everything can be from the usual routine. Something new that we used a lot in England was the subway, bus, and rail system. We live out in the woods, in a rural no-mans land between small towns. Our house is right in between three villages, so we have one as our address, another as our school district, and the third is our area code for our phone. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of mid-western America. Out here in our little wooded paradise I can not use public transportation much. But I think we adapted fairly quickly to English public transportation. I really liked the ease of using the bus system to get around, and I got fairly adept at making transfers. (Fairly adept…I mean, not perfect. It’s not like I wasn’t OBVIOUSLY a tourist…) And, of course we were always careful to find the correct platform and “mind the gap” when getting on and off.

The hubs has not talked in his sleep in some months, so I was startled when he woke me up by loudly talking on our last night in England.

Hubs: Hey, too many on the platform.

Me: Hmm? What’s wrong?

Hubs: I just think there’s too many on the platform. Got to watch out.

Me: Ok, I’ll do that. Anything else?

Hubs: No. Maybe. No, I guess not.

Me: Alright, goodnight, then.

Hubs: Sure. That’s fine.

Then he rolled over and went back to sleep.

I am not certain if the hubs was thinking about the subway or train platform when he was talking in his sleep. It would make sense to me, since it was the only “platform” he had recently been concerned with. But even if he wasn’t, our trip is one that I am sure we will both be dreaming and talking about for a long time to come!


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