Armchair Olympians

At our house we LOVE the Olympics! Because…well, because it is the OLYMPICS! And it is just fabulous.

This year I basically let the munchkin watch as much Olympics on TV as he wanted to. In typical 3-year-old style, he definitely took advantage of my lax screen time rules.

As we were watching the Olympics the munchkin said some pretty memorable things:

Watching beach volleyball, “When do they play bocce ball?”

As the male gymnasts came out after watching the female gymnasts already, “Where are the girls? Mom, where did the girls go? I want the girls back!”

Still watching the gymnasts, now on the high bar, “I can do that…I can do that…That, too…Mama, I can do that.”

Watching rowing, “Mama, why are they doing that? Mama, really, why are they doing that? I think it must be a race.”

Watching any swimming event, “Daddy, could you do that?”

The munchkin has great faith in the hubs’ athletic ability, as well he should. But there is one ability I think the hubs might be losing as he gets older: I think he might be stopping the sleep talking. What used to be an almost nightly occurrence is now reduced to every few weeks. He only talked in his sleep once during the weeks of the Olympics.

He sat up, shaking his head. “That girl! What are we going to do? THAT GIRL!”

I think he was talking about our dear dog, because it was the same exasperated tone he uses when he is annoyed with her.

So, not a lot of sleep talking about the Olympics this time around, but there is always the winter Olympics! Maybe he will talk about them in his sleep in two years!




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