There’s No Place Like Home

Well, we’re back to the blogosphere. Spring has come, the snow has melted, polar vortexes are a distant memory, and I have dug myself out from under a pile of moving boxes, curriculum development documents, and thesis research to resurrect the blog. Much has happened since last fall when I last posted. First, we moved into a house! A real house, with a garage, and a bedroom just for the munchkin, and more than one toilet, and it is wonderful.

Here we are at the new house shortly after moving in. If you haven't moved in the snow, you should try it.

Here we are at the new house shortly after moving in. If you haven’t moved in the snow, you should try it.

Second, the munchkin is doing well, and has grown considerably and walks and talks and does all sorts of things. However, as far as I know he has not yet taken after the hubs’ habit of sleep talking. Third, I graduated and have decided to never go back to school again…for now. Fourth, the dog remains exactly the same as always. It is nice to know that no matter what exciting changes go on in our lives, she stays a constant, just interested in sleeping in the sun.

The other constant in my life amidst the many changes is the hubs’ sleep talking. My little notebook is brimming with tales of his sleep talking, and I am happy to be back to blogging about them. However, I think the hubs’ sleep talking can wait one more week, and this week I should share my own sleep talking episode from a few days ago.

This is apparently how it went down, in the middle of the night:

Me: Really?….Oh, I see.

Hubs: Hmm? What’s up?

Me: No way!

Hubs: Honey? Are you asleep?


And at this point I was yelling. And I yelled so loudly that I actually woke myself up. The hubs was kind enough to tell me I had been talking in my sleep and that I should roll over and just be quiet the rest of the night. As far as I know, that’s exactly what I did.

I’m thinking this was a one time thing, though, and from now on I will have only stories of the hubs’ sleep talking. I hope so, at least – everything else has been changing, it would be a shame to change who is the sleep talker in the family!


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