Cliff Hanger

I drive quite a distance to get to work and wile away the hours listening to books on CD that I get from the library. My favorite to listen to are mysteries. The librarians probably wondered over my eclectic checkout bag this morning: murder mysteries and the acclaimed Baby Learns Numbers with Elmo.

A few weeks ago I was listening to a murder mystery as I made the long trek to work. We were on the last disk, and I thought I knew who murdered the dashing young poet. Then, the hotel burned down and the character I thought was the killer died in the fire! I was thinking, “Oh man, plot twist!”

photo-16 (2)

Wow, what a nail biter!

Then the nice sounding British man reading the book on CD said, “Qwill wondered if Jamison really had been the murderer. Now he would never know for sure. (dramatic music) This concludes the reading of the book. All rights reserved.”

And then the disk ended! That was it! Who knows who the murderer was? I don’t! Good grief, talk about a cliff hanger…forever… For crying out loud.

Sometimes the hubs leaves me without all of the answers when he talks in his sleep, too. For example, a week and a half ago I was laying in bed making a mental grocery list when the hubs started talking in his sleep.

Hubs: Nah, that can’t be.

Me: Hmmm, what is it buddy?

Hubs: Just not right.

Me: Yeah, what isn’t right?

Hubs: What? No, not for you.

Me: Oh? What’s not for me?… Hubs? Why can’t I know?

But he did not say anything else.

I am not sure what wasn’t right, and I suppose I will never know. Life is filled with cliff hangers!


Tardy to the Party

So, as you can tell from the lack of posts the last few weeks, I have had a hard time getting the blog done every week. Don’t worry, it’s not that I don’t want to blog. It’s just that now that the munchkin is here, I seem to be late significantly more. And every time, I have to tell whoever I have kept waiting, “I am so sorry, something came up!”

And I cannot even elaborate, because the “something that came up” is normally something disgusting. It probably required both the munchkin and me to change our clothes. It is not something that I just discuss with people, especially people who are waiting on me.

march 13 1

I have a surprise for you! It’s poop.

However, never fear: the hubs is still talking in his sleep! The past week the hubs has been talking in his sleep quite a bit. I have been staying up REALLY late to work on final term papers, so by the time I am stumbling to bed it is just a few hours before he is up to go to work. The downside is that I am just ridiculously tired. The upside is that I have heard the hubs talking quite a bit.

The other night I climbed into bed and the hubs sat up and grabbed my hand.

Hubs: You alright? Coming to bed?

This sounded like perhaps he was awake.

Me: Yes, just finished for the night. I’m so tired.

Hubs: You need to go back to the past.

Me (feeling kind of disappointed): Oh… so you’re asleep.

Hubs: Nope, not asleep. Just know that you need to do something to go back to the past. We need to get back to the past.

Me: Ok, that’s fine. Love you.

Hubs: Yeah, just make sure you’re in the past.

Me: Ok, will do.

Hubs: Good, good. Sounds good. Don’t worry, we’ll be ok in the past.

Me: Alright.

Then he did not say anything else. Perhaps when he was talking about the past he was thinking about our life pre-munchkin. Back when I was on time to things, and didn’t have to censor my explanations when we are late. I kind of doubt it, though. The hubs is so happy to have the munchkin in our lives, there’s no way he would want to rewind a few months to when we didn’t have him with us. I suppose being late to things is an ok trade off.