Some things are not as they seem…

Last week the hubs called for me to come see something awesome. Now, what the hubs thinks is “awesome” (large deer, fade away jumpers at the buzzer, and cheap pizza) differs quite a bit from what I think is “awesome,” so I did not know what to expect.

This is what I encountered:“Look!” the hubs said. “I’m fluffy and pregnant just like you…and it’s ALIVE!”

And out popped the head of our precious baby dog, the most patient creature in the world.

Now, I have to agree with the hubs that this was pretty awesome (although slightly disturbing). However, even though he had a huge tummy, he was not in fact great with child: sometimes things are not what they seem!

I learned that lesson again this week one night at about 3:30 am. I was woken up to the hubs thrashing around.

Me: Buddy? What are you doing?

Hubs (sitting up now, still thrashing around): Hummph…

Me (patting his arm like I normally do when he’s sleep-moving): Ok, well you’re asleep so just lay back down.

Hubs: I’m not asleep… my leg just hurts.

Me (not believing, and still groggy): Ok, just lay back down.

Hubs (starting to get out of bed): No, I’m awake, it’s just that my leg fell asleep.

I was now alarmed that he would sleep-walk somewhere, so I grabbed his arm to keep him from getting out of bed.

Me: Ok, just lay back down now, that’s fine!

Hubs (getting agitated): Now, stop that, my leg is asleep and it hurts. I’m trying to wake it up! Let go of me, I am not asleep!

Me (still holding his arm and trying to get him to lay back down): Yeah, alright. Here you go, just lay back down.

He at least stopped trying to get out of bed, although he kept rubbing his leg.

Hubs (really agitated): Woman, what is wrong with you?!?

Me: Ok…just go back to bed.

And I kept patting his arm until he finally laid back down and was still again. Then I fell asleep, wondering what he was dreaming about that had him sleep-talking so much about a hurt leg.

In the morning, the hubs wanted to know what on earth was wrong with me that I didn’t let him get out of bed to try to wake up his tingling-asleep leg. Apparently he really was awake, for once, and I wouldn’t let him out of bed.

My poor hubs. It just goes to show you that sometimes things are not what they appear!


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