Team Us!

This weekend we got to go to a beautiful wedding, where two beautiful people got married in a beautiful ceremony. It was beautiful. I like weddings because they remind me of the wonderful day when the hubs and I got married.

When we got married we said we’d always be on each others’ team. We still say that today, especially if a “discussion” seems to be brewing – “Same team!”

So, because we are on the same team, it was a little upsetting this past week when the hubs started talking in his sleep about us being on different teams. I was having trouble getting comfortable, and turned over quite forcefully. The hubs started, and I thought maybe I scared him awake.

Hubs (sounding upset): What’s wrong?

Me: Nothing’s wrong, it’s just me.

Hubs: Just tell me what the problem is.

Me: There’s no problem, Buddy, it’s ok.

Hubs (very annoyed): Yeah…I don’t know why you won’t be on my team!

Me: I want to be on your team.

Hubs: No you don’t. Tell me what the problem is!

Me (insanely reasoning with an asleep person): There isn’t a problem, it’s ok.

Hubs (still annoyed): I don’t think so. I don’t know why you won’t talk to me.

Me: I’ll talk to you, it’s ok.

Hubs (turning away from me): Well, if you won’t talk to me it’s no use. Good night.

Me: All right. I love you.

Hubs (a little louder): I said, “good night!”

Me (getting annoyed myself): Hey, and I said, “I love you.”

Hubs (grumbling): Well, I love you, too.

And then he did not say anything else. I am glad that we are on the same team in real life, if not when he is asleep!


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