The Space Between Us

Fall is fabulous! It really is. One thing I do not like about fall, however, is that the cooler weather has started to drive the bugs to look for nice warm places to live, and unfortunately, they have found our apartment to be a comfy abode. I do not like bugs, really at all. However, I can handle them ok. Spiders, however are a different story: I cannot handle spiders. They are horrible. And they are coming into our home. And I do not like it.

This week I was studying one afternoon and felt something that I thought was a string on my back. But when I reached for it there was a big black spider in my hand. I flung it away, but didn’t see where it ended up and could not squash it. So for the rest of the afternoon I found myself thrashing around at every little itch or tickle, throwing my back against the couch to squish all the imaginary bugs crawling on me. Oh, spiders, stay outside where you belong!

Oh, no! Not a spider in the house!

Perhaps the hubs was dreaming about bugs this week when he started talking in his sleep and trying to brush things off the bed. I was sleeping, then all the sudden the hubs sat up, frantically brushing off the bed with his hands.

Hubs: Look at all this!

Me: Hmm…what’s wrong buddy?

Hubs: Look at all this crap!

Me: What?!?

Hubs (still frantically brushing off the bed): There’s just a lot of crap between us.

Me: Oh, ok. Well, is it ok? Do you need my help?

Hubs: No, it’s ok, don’t be concerned.

Me: Alright, I’m not concerned.

Hubs (brushing off the bed some more): Yeah, I’ll take care of it…so much stuff between us.

Me: Ok…well I’m going back to sleep.

Hubs: Yeah, ok.

Then he laid back down.

I don’t know if he was trying to get bugs off the bed, or what, but I’m glad that he didn’t want anything between us!


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