The Hubs’ Special Day

Today is the hubs’ birthday! It’s one of my favorite holidays – the day the hubs came into the world!

However, it is business as usual for the dog.

One thing that is stressful about the hubs’ birthday, however, is that he can’t make up his mind to tell me what he wants for his birthday. So, I am left to stumble in the dark, hoping that he likes what I get him. Even in his sleep he has not told me what he wants for his present this year.

This past week, I woke up to the hubs yelling loudly.

Hubs (sitting up and smacking the bed): Hey! Hey! That really hurts!

Me: What’s wrong?!?

Hubs: My leg…it’s slipping.

Me (thinking now that he is probably asleep): What?

Hubs: My leg is falling off.

Me (now really sure he’s asleep): Really?

Hubs: It’s slipping…it’s falling asleep.

Me: Ok, well lay back down.

Hubs: Yeah…leg fell right off.

Then he rolled over and didn’t say anything else.

Thankfully, the hubs’ leg did not “fall right off,” and he is having a good birthday with all of his limbs still intact. And I have found him a present that I hope he likes. Maybe in his sleep he will tell me what he wants for Christmas – that would make things a lot easier!


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