A Casualty for the Cause

Noses are very important. A nose knows, you know. And a nose by any other name would still be as sniffly. Or something like that.

An extreme closeup of one of my favorite noses.

When a nose gets bumped or hit, it can be very painful. It can bleed, or bruise, or sometimes even break right off! And then that person doesn’t have a nose, and they can never snort again. At least, I think that’s what happens.

A few weeks ago we had an interesting run-in with noses while the hubs and I were asleep. I was sleeping soundly when all of the sudden someone grabbed me, one arm around my waist, the other wrapped around my neck. This person yelled, “Gotcha!” and about scared me to death. Since I was asleep, and under attack, I did the rational thing and swung at them as hard as I possibly could with my elbow. It connected with something hard, and the attacker let go of me.

I was now VERY awake, adrenaline pumping, prepared to defend the apartment against intruders. However, I realized that it was the asleep hubs who had attacked me. When I hit him in the face with my elbow, he let go and sat back. He laughed, “Ha! You missed!” then rolled over and kept on sleeping. He never once woke up.

It took me significantly longer to get my heart to stop racing enough that I could go back to sleep.

The next morning the hubs was saying he thought he would have to go to the doctor. When I asked why he explained that his nose was killing him, super painful and swollen, all for no apparent reason. In order to avoid unnecessary medical treatment for the hubs, I told him about the escapade the night before, and how I had been forced to defend myself.

Thankfully with some ice and kisses, the hubs’ nose healed up nicely. Although it was sore for a few days, serving as a reminder of what happens when one cannot control their sleep talking!


Just One Of Those Days

Sometimes you just want to curl up under a big pile of pillows and let the world spin on without you.

Today was one of those days for me. I was just feeling quite overwhelmed by life. However, I could not hunker down with a Party-Size bag of M&Ms and a chick-flick as I desired, but had to go to class, and do my homework, and make dinner, and go to work, and walk the dog, and just generally be a productive member of society. When I am feeling a little blue or overwhelmed, I find myself doing things not to my full potential, making little mistakes and things like that. For example, today I came back into the house and left my keys in the lock on the door. For several hours. It’s a good thing we live in a safe neighborhood, otherwise poor Ferdinand Car would be long gone, destined to be loved by another.

Another example, the dog is sometimes picky about when she will go outside: she won’t go out if the sprinklers are on, or if there’s a bird on the neighbor’s bird feeder, or if our upstairs neighbors are sweeping their porch. She’s a delicate dog, I suppose. Well, she was standing at the door looking out, but not going out, and I didn’t have time for that today. So I picked her up to help her across the threshold, perhaps a little roughly, and promptly slammed her face into the closed screen door. So that’s why you weren’t walking out… Poor dog.

The hubs must have been feeling a little blue in his dreams the other night, too. I was laying in bed, wondering who’s idea it had been to have the dumpsters emptied at 3:30 in the morning when the hubs rolled over to face me and started talking.

Hubs: I am not happy about this!

Me: Hmm…you can’t sleep either, Buddy?

Hubs (sounding very irritated): The cost is just…it’s just way too high! Much higher than it should be.

Ah, so he’s asleep.

Me: Oh? The cost of what?

Hubs: Look, you need to take this seriously! The cost is just way to high! I am not happy.

Me: Yeah, I got that…

Hubs: And, you’re not helping!

Me (upset to be yelled at, even if he was asleep): Well, I would help, if you would just tell me what’s going on!

Hubs (getting very angry): It’s just too high! The cost of it… and I don’t think you know what’s going on. You just leave me alone!

Me: What? I’m trying to help you!

Hubs: You’re being a huge grump! Leave me ALONE!

Me (irrationally upset): What’s your problem?!?!

Hubs: Yeah, you’re being just ridiculous!

Me: Well, FINE!

Then I rolled over and tried to go to sleep, upset that he would have such a rude tone with me. A couple of minutes later the hubs reached over and wrapped an arm around me.

Me: Hey! Don’t hug me! You were being really rude!

I’m not rational at 3:30 in the morning.

Hubs (looking at me with bleary eyes, now awake): Hmmm…what’s wrong baby? You ok?

I told him I was not ok, as he had yelled at me in his sleep. And because he has endless patience, he apologized for hurting my feelings, and said he would try to not do it again. And then he went back to sleep.

I do not know what made him so upset in his sleep that night, but I hope that it got resolved. At the very least, I hope that he felt better in the morning. That’s how it always is: everything looks better in the morning. Tomorrow is a new day, and has the potential to be a full day in which I will not slam the poor dog into any screen doors. And it will be another day to spend with the hubs, which makes even my bluest days better.

Team Us!

This weekend we got to go to a beautiful wedding, where two beautiful people got married in a beautiful ceremony. It was beautiful. I like weddings because they remind me of the wonderful day when the hubs and I got married.

When we got married we said we’d always be on each others’ team. We still say that today, especially if a “discussion” seems to be brewing – “Same team!”

So, because we are on the same team, it was a little upsetting this past week when the hubs started talking in his sleep about us being on different teams. I was having trouble getting comfortable, and turned over quite forcefully. The hubs started, and I thought maybe I scared him awake.

Hubs (sounding upset): What’s wrong?

Me: Nothing’s wrong, it’s just me.

Hubs: Just tell me what the problem is.

Me: There’s no problem, Buddy, it’s ok.

Hubs (very annoyed): Yeah…I don’t know why you won’t be on my team!

Me: I want to be on your team.

Hubs: No you don’t. Tell me what the problem is!

Me (insanely reasoning with an asleep person): There isn’t a problem, it’s ok.

Hubs (still annoyed): I don’t think so. I don’t know why you won’t talk to me.

Me: I’ll talk to you, it’s ok.

Hubs (turning away from me): Well, if you won’t talk to me it’s no use. Good night.

Me: All right. I love you.

Hubs (a little louder): I said, “good night!”

Me (getting annoyed myself): Hey, and I said, “I love you.”

Hubs (grumbling): Well, I love you, too.

And then he did not say anything else. I am glad that we are on the same team in real life, if not when he is asleep!

The Space Between Us

Fall is fabulous! It really is. One thing I do not like about fall, however, is that the cooler weather has started to drive the bugs to look for nice warm places to live, and unfortunately, they have found our apartment to be a comfy abode. I do not like bugs, really at all. However, I can handle them ok. Spiders, however are a different story: I cannot handle spiders. They are horrible. And they are coming into our home. And I do not like it.

This week I was studying one afternoon and felt something that I thought was a string on my back. But when I reached for it there was a big black spider in my hand. I flung it away, but didn’t see where it ended up and could not squash it. So for the rest of the afternoon I found myself thrashing around at every little itch or tickle, throwing my back against the couch to squish all the imaginary bugs crawling on me. Oh, spiders, stay outside where you belong!

Oh, no! Not a spider in the house!

Perhaps the hubs was dreaming about bugs this week when he started talking in his sleep and trying to brush things off the bed. I was sleeping, then all the sudden the hubs sat up, frantically brushing off the bed with his hands.

Hubs: Look at all this!

Me: Hmm…what’s wrong buddy?

Hubs: Look at all this crap!

Me: What?!?

Hubs (still frantically brushing off the bed): There’s just a lot of crap between us.

Me: Oh, ok. Well, is it ok? Do you need my help?

Hubs: No, it’s ok, don’t be concerned.

Me: Alright, I’m not concerned.

Hubs (brushing off the bed some more): Yeah, I’ll take care of it…so much stuff between us.

Me: Ok…well I’m going back to sleep.

Hubs: Yeah, ok.

Then he laid back down.

I don’t know if he was trying to get bugs off the bed, or what, but I’m glad that he didn’t want anything between us!

The Hubs’ Special Day

Today is the hubs’ birthday! It’s one of my favorite holidays – the day the hubs came into the world!

However, it is business as usual for the dog.

One thing that is stressful about the hubs’ birthday, however, is that he can’t make up his mind to tell me what he wants for his birthday. So, I am left to stumble in the dark, hoping that he likes what I get him. Even in his sleep he has not told me what he wants for his present this year.

This past week, I woke up to the hubs yelling loudly.

Hubs (sitting up and smacking the bed): Hey! Hey! That really hurts!

Me: What’s wrong?!?

Hubs: My leg…it’s slipping.

Me (thinking now that he is probably asleep): What?

Hubs: My leg is falling off.

Me (now really sure he’s asleep): Really?

Hubs: It’s slipping…it’s falling asleep.

Me: Ok, well lay back down.

Hubs: Yeah…leg fell right off.

Then he rolled over and didn’t say anything else.

Thankfully, the hubs’ leg did not “fall right off,” and he is having a good birthday with all of his limbs still intact. And I have found him a present that I hope he likes. Maybe in his sleep he will tell me what he wants for Christmas – that would make things a lot easier!