I’ve Seen the Light

Contrary to what you may have heard, the hubs and I do not have a perfect relationship. Sometimes we have “discussions.” Not very often, and normally they are quickly resolved, but they do occur occasionally.

“Really, guys? I never argue with anybody… unless they disturb me while I’m napping.”

Normally they are over silly things, like the hubs’ penchant for forgetting to turn lights off. Not worth discussing at all, but somehow it ends up being a big deal.

Turning lights on and off can be quite dramatic, I suppose. After my experience today I will certainly think twice about turning lights off. I was at a coffee shop doing some homework and  stopped at the bathroom as I was leaving. At the door to the bathroom I noticed a sign that said, “Light for bathroom behind the tree.”

I figured out that the light switch for the bathroom was actually outside of the bathroom, kind of hidden behind a decorative tree. I thought this was a little odd, and flipped the light switch on and off several times, leaving it off. Then I reached for the handle, and found to my horror that it was locked. Some poor person was already in the bathroom, and they were now sitting in the dark because of my inability to not mess with buttons and switches! Extremely embarrassed I immediately hustled out of the coffee shop, turning back only to flip the light switch back to the “on” position.

The hubs forgetting to turn off the kitchen light on occasion pales in comparison to turning out the lights on a stranger, and I will try to remember this next time we are nearing a “discussion” regarding our electricity usage.

Some of our “discussions” happen when the hubs is asleep. For example, this past week the hubs woke me up by propping himself up on his elbow and talking quite loudly.

Hubs: We are headed for the church now.

Me: What?

Hubs: It was a shakeup… a real shakeup. Now we are headed somewhere else.

Me: Oh, we are?

Hubs: Yeah. (then he blew a bunch of air out in exasperation) Pfft!

Me: Oh wow…what?

Hubs (sounding a little annoyed): You don’t even care.

Me: Yes, I do.

Hubs: No, you don’t!

Me: Are you trying to be mean? That’s not very nice.

Hubs: No, I’m not being mean.

Me (forgetting that it is insanity to argue with an asleep person): Then why would you say that?

Hubs: Don’t worry about it.

Me: Are you really asleep…cause you don’t have a very nice tone.

Hubs: I said don’t worry about it.

Then he didn’t say anything else.

I’m glad that the hubs and I don’t argue very frequently – it’s especially infrequent if you don’t count all of the “discussions” he doesn’t remember because he was fast asleep!


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