Busy, Beautiful Autumn Days

I think that this is just the most wonderful time of year. The mornings are cool and crisp, the afternoons are warm and sunny, and life is all around beautiful.

We went camping this past week and hiked up to a place overlooking the lake. What a lovely, golden autumn!

One thing about the fall, too, is that life seems to get much busier. Today was my first day of working and going back to school and doing all my normal “life” things that need to get done all in the same day. It went well, although it is obviously going to be a busy semester.

Sometimes when I get very busy I feel a little scatterbrained. Today I got to the dog park, reached into my bag looking for a poop-pick-up-bag and instead found a dryer sheet. I found the bag later when I went to fold the clothes from the dryer. Awesome.

“What is THAT?!? That is not a plastic bag!”

I think the hubs must be feeling the pressure of his busy schedule, too. He was quite agitated in his sleep one night last week. I was having trouble getting comfortable, trying one side than the other, when the hubs rolled over and started talking loudly.

Hubs: Isn’t that the truth!

Me: Hmm? What’s up buddy?

Hubs (sounding very upset) : They’re talking about legitimacy! That’s all they talk about. Is it legitimate or not.

Me: Oh? Who’s talking about it?

Hubs: How stupid. It’s just really dumb.

Me: Ok. That’s ok.

Hubs: Yeah, I just don’t get it at all.

Me: Yeah…me neither.

Then I rolled over and went to sleep.

At least with our busy schedules the hubs and I still make time to talk together. Although, I suppose that the rest of the world does most of their talking during the day, and the hubs and I talk while he’s asleep. I just consider it bonus talk time!

“Yeah…I have a lot going on, too. Those naps in the fall sunshine won’t take themselves, you know.”


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