Losing It, But Definitely Not Around My Middle

So, the hubs and I are having a baby. A little boy baby. And we’re going to name him Wouldn’t-You-Like-To-Know. Our other favorite is We-Just-Can’t-Decide. Although, All-The-Good-Ones-Are-Taken is still a possibility we are throwing around.

The dog was very excited when we told her we were expecting a baby. This was her reaction:

However, she now appreciates the perks of being owned by a person with a rapidly expanding baby bump: stops at the slushie stand to get a slushie for me and a doggie cone for her, longer walks to balance out said slushies, and the chance to model baby hats and shoes that have been given to us.

One thing the dog has not appreciated, however, is that I now cry at the most ridiculous things. Earlier this week I got a yellow popsicle for my snack, thinking that it was lemon. A yummy delicious lemon popsicle. It was not lemon, but was instead pineapple, and I wept.

I was struggling at one point to eat enough and the hubs kindly said, “Well, really try to remember to eat lunch tomorrow.” I lost it, bawling hysterically. Of course, I knew I was being excessively emotional, so I started to laugh, weeping and giggling at the same time. The poor hubs was so surprised, and didn’t know what to do. He just kept saying, “It’s ok…are you ok? You’re starting to freak me out!” This of course made me laugh/cry harder.

Another example of my fragile emotional state happened last night. The hubs was teasing me, saying that we were going to wake up one morning and the dog was going to have turned into a llama. I immediately burst into tears because then she wouldn’t be a dog anymore. Oh, dear.

Basically, I have become a crazy person. I believe that the hubs must have been thinking about my emotional roller coaster this week in his sleep. I was laying there one night, almost asleep, but not completely. Then I felt something sharp poke me in the back, which I instantly recognized as the hubs’ pointy elbow.

Me: Ughh…

Hubs: What’s wrong?

Me: Stop it! Scoot over. You’re poking me.

Hubs: Are you losing it?

Ah, yes. He’s asleep.

Hubs: I think you might be losing it!

Me: Humph…

Hubs: Yeah.

Me (being a bit grumpy): What do you want? Lay back down.

Hubs: Nothing’s going on that you need to worry about. Besides, I think you’re losing it.

With those comforting words he rolled away from me and went back to sleeping quietly.

Yes, hubs. Sometimes I feel like I am indeed losing it. However, I’m glad I have such an understanding husband who takes my emotional water works so well!


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