Going for the Gold

We have been watching lots of Olympics over the past week.

The Olympians are all so young, almost all of them are younger than me. This makes me feel like I have somehow not accomplished something that I should have, as if society is saying to me, “What, you didn’t win the biggest athletic competition in the world by the time you were 17?”

When I was 17 I was really busy just, you know, being 17. And wishing that I were 18. As we watch the amazing athletic feats, I find myself saying, “WOW! Look what they just did! That was so good! I could never do anything that great.” After which the announcer promptly says, “Oh, what a mistake there, that was catastrophic!”

Things the dog could get an Olympic medal in:

  • Sloshing her water dish onto the kitchen floor
  • Sitting in the sun
  • Peeing on light poles
  • Jumping at the camera at the exact moment that I take her picture
  • Barking at the yorkie who lives down the street
  • Snuggling down into her wooly blanket

The hubs is great, and he could win some Olympic medals, too. He could definitely win a medal for mumbling in his sleep; in fact, he would get the gold. When he mumbles in his sleep, he normally says a word or two that I can understand, but most of it is random sounds.

Some of the things the hubs has mumbled this past week:

Scheleraarek….then the tomato said kaaskldf.

Rrrrrrrrrumph chocolate coookksss rrrruffff.

Selerstoni STOP IT! Yeah, slosterfffun…

See what I mean? Maybe in four years sleep mumbling will be a recognized Olympic sport. If that happens, you know the hubs will be there, getting the gold!


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