Home, Sweet Home

I am so very happy to be home. Finally, after a month away from home, I am finally back. And it is wonderful.

Home to my cuddle buddy!

There are several things that have to happen when one comes home from being gone for a month. One thing that is a must is going to the grocery store for a large grocery trip. Even though I use some reusable bags, this large trip results in a plethora of plastic grocery bags at our house. The dog LOVES grocery bags. She thinks they are awesome. This is because when I take her for her walk every day I bring a plastic grocery bag to pick up dog poo. (Because I’m a good neighbor who picks it up when my dog goes poo. Unlike the owners of the large golden retriever who lives two doors down. Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking to you, you poop-and-run neighbors.) So now the dog sees grocery bags and thinks that it is time for a walk.

Yesterday I took the dog for a run on the trail. Of course, I brought a grocery bag/poop bag and also needed my cellphone and my keys. I did not want to carry all of these things separately, so I put my phone and keys into the bag and off we went down the trail. I did not think about it, but with my phone and keys in the almost-opaque-white bag, it looked like I had already picked up my dog’s poo.

There was no problem with this until I stopped to check my phone to see what time it was. I stood off to the side of the trail, digging around in the bag, being passed by lots of people. Some of them were giving me very weird looks, and I had no idea why… until I realized that it looked like I was digging around in a bag of poo. These people thought I was digging around in a bag of poo. Oh. My. Word. Should have thought that one through a little more.

In addition to being home and getting to walk the dog everyday, I also get to hear the hubs sleep talking. However, I do not know if it is my messed up sleep schedule or traveling, but last night I was the one doing crazy things in my sleep, not the hubs.

According to the hubs, he woke up to me poking him on the shoulder.

Hubs: Hmm…what’s wrong?

Me: What time is it?

Hubs: What time is it?? Look at your clock… it’s 3:30 in the morning!

Me: Ok.

Then I rolled back over.

This morning the hubs was quite grumpy that I woke him up in the middle of the night to talk to him in my sleep. Yeah, welcome to my world, Hubs! Where your spouse wakes you up to chat at 3:30 in the morning!

Even though I woke the hubs up so early, I hope he’s happy to have me home, because I sure am happy to be back!


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