On the Road … Yet Again

So we finished up the biking trip, with great success. The hubs climbed the highest peak on the whole path across the country, Hoosier Pass, in great time. He also grew quite the goatee by not shaving for three weeks. I’m really proud of him! For biking up over 11,000 feet, not for growing facial hair.

The highest point on the whole cross country trip.

One would think that after climbing such a huge mountain he might talk about it in his sleep that night. However, he did not. He did laugh maniacally for a few minutes, but that’s pretty normal.

The day after we got back from our epic bike trip I headed off to the east coast to take a class for my masters. So, I had to leave the hubs behind to take care of the dog, which he does not seem to mind at all.

So we are apart for a bit, and I do not know what he is saying in his sleep this week. I wish I was home to fill you in on all the funny things he is saying, but soon. Just a few more days and I will be back to the hubs and the dog, and we will be all together as a family again, just like it’s supposed to be.


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