Everyone Looks Classy with a Monocle

The hubs loves the dog. I mean, really loves her. He thinks she is just fabulous; he carries her around on his shoulder, takes her to the lake, and talks to her constantly. Some of these conversations are very funny.

The funniest things I have ever heard the hubs say to the dog:

  • “Umm, I would take you for a walk, but you won’t put on your own leash. I can’t do everything in this relationship.”
  • “Are you sitting pretty? Yeah, you’re sitting pretty.”
  • (Holding the dog in my face and singing to the tune of the Winnie the Pooh theme song when I refused to get out of bed) “Gotta get up! Gotta get going! Gonna meet a friend of mine. She’s warm and she’s fluffy, we love her because she is MORLEY, it’s our dog, MORLEY! She loves you and me! Silly old, silly old, dog.”
  • “Stand up and do the polka!”
  • “You have to pull your weight in this family… go empty the dishwasher with your paws.”
  • (Propping up the dog on her haunches on her favorite chair and holding up her paws to make her dance) “You make me… feel like I’m living a … TEEN-AGE-DREAM!”
  • “Oh, hello! Aren’t you a cutie pie!”
  • “Dog! Dog! DOG! Doggggg!! … Why aren’t you wearing shoes?!?”

Even though he loves our dog so much, the hubs is not interested in getting a second pup, much to my dismay. So when week before last he was very agreeable in his sleep, I used the opportunity to ask about a possible new pooch! I was snuggled in bed, doing some reading before falling asleep. The hubs mumbled a bit then said, “Uh-huh,” as if he was agreeing with someone.

Me: What, buddy?

Hubs: Uh-huh.

Me: Umm, are you agreeing with someone?

Hubs: Uh-huh.

Me: Are you going to agree with everything I say?

Hubs: Uh-huh.

Me: May I get a miniature schnauzer?

Hubs: Uh-huh.

Me (starting to giggle): May I name him “Mr. Snuffleton”?

Hubs: Uh-huh.

Me (snorting and giggling): May I dress him in top hats, perhaps a monocle?

Hubs: Uh-huh.

At this point I was really cracking up. The hubs started and rolled over. I think I might have woken him up, because after that he did not say anything else.

This is my my parents’ miniature schnauzer. How could the hubs resist her cuteness?

The awake hubs is very agreeable, but he vetoed the idea of bringing a new dog into the family. So, our current little dog should not worry: she will remain the hubs’ special little sweetheart.


One thought on “Everyone Looks Classy with a Monocle

  1. It’s a healthy sing that you accept the “hub’s” veto so early in your marraige. I’ve not always been so accepting but it has its rewards.

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