NyQuil: The Achilles’ Heel of the Sleep Talker

The poor hubs has been fighting off the sniffles this week. I do not like it when he is sick, although he has a very good attitude about it. (And, he’s not too much of a hypochondriac. I tend to lean toward being a hypochondriac myself. In fact, this morning I was making my toast for breakfast when all of the sudden I couldn’t see out of my right eye. I immediately thought of the worst thing it could be: I was obviously having a stroke. I started freaking out before I realized that when I was adjusting my glasses I had smeared peanut butter all over the lens…)

When you are sick it is nice to have your best buddy there to keep you company.

However, the hubs has been taking night time cold medicine every night. Although he has been sleeping like a log, he has not talked at all the whole week. Cold medicine is kryptonite to his sleep talking power.

Not to fret, though. I have plenty of previous sleep talking stories to share.

Several months ago I was up late sitting in bed doing some lesson prepping for teaching the next day. Suddenly, the hubs sat up and turned to me.

Hubs (speaking enthusiastically) – You’re important!

Me – Umm, are you asleep?

Hubs – You’re important… how nice.

(throws his arm around my neck)

Hubs (in a sing-song, high pitch) – Well, hi!

Me – I really think you’re still asleep.

Hubs (lies back down quietly) – OK, well you go to sleep now.

I am so thankful that I am important to the hubs, even when he is asleep.


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