There’s No Place Like Home

I have been traveling for a bit, so had to be away from the hubs and the dog.

Sad to be away from the hubs, ecstatic to be seeing more of the world!

When I am away from the hubs, he eats pancakes for every meal. Every. Single. Meal. Even if I make a casserole or two and write directions on the foil, he still only eats pancakes. Only pancakes.

The hubs making pancakes... again...

The dog ate the same thing all week, too. But that is pretty normal.

However, I am back now, making yummy, non-pancake meals for the hubs. He has not talked in his sleep much since I  got back but he did talk some the week before I left.

I was snuggled up in bed, having some trouble sleeping, when all of the sudden the hubs started talking to me.

Hubs: Sure, you can come in.

Me: I can? Come in where?

Hubs: Come into the building.

Me: Oh… ok.

The hubs did not say anything else, so I hunkered down to go to sleep. I reached out and put my arm around the hubs. Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist and threw my arm off of him!

Hubs: I said you can come in! That doesn’t mean you can put your hands all over me!

Me (totally shocked): I can’t?!? Umm… ok, well maybe later I guess.

Hubs: Yeah, that’s ok.

Me: Do you know who I am?

Hubs: Yes, so I guess it’s ok for you to hug me. But no one else!

Me: Oh, ok. That’s fine.

Then he rolled over and did not say anything else.

It is a good thing that this happened before my trip. Otherwise, I would have been very offended if this was his nighttime greeting after my return!


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