How Rude!

The hubs and I work very hard to communicate with each other in a kind and loving way. We have several rules: attack the action but not the person, tone of voice matters and do the best to not exaggerate. (I really struggle with that last one, like a million times a day… and I just did it again.) We also have phrases that are off-limits when we talk to each other. One of these is “shut-up.” With that background, you can now understand the scandal of my conversation with my asleep hubs earlier this week.

I was sleeping and suddenly woke up when I felt the hubs start.

Me: Are you ok?

Hubs: Yes, it’s alright. I just can’t believe you did that again!

Me: Did what again?

Hubs: You told me to shut-up!

Me: I did not! When did I tell you to shut-up?

Hubs: Half an hour ago, you told me to shut-up, and now you’ve done it again!

Me (picking up my phone to look at the time): Look at the clock! Half an hour ago was 1:30 in the morning!

Hubs: Well, it’s just rude, that’s all.

Then he rolled back over and didn’t say anything else. And so I rolled over and giggled at the irony of him being told to shut-up in his dreams. I hope that his dreams are normally much friendlier.


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