The Horror of Hilarity

Most of the time I just giggle at the hubs’ nighttime antics, but there is one thing he does that I find quite creepy: he laughs in his sleep. This might not sound very scary, but take my word for it, it is very scary to wake up to someone cackling loudly next to you in the dark. And this happens to me a lot, at least once a week.

I think what I find most disconcerting about the hubs’ mirth is that his sleep-laugh doesn’t sound like his awake-laugh. The awake-laugh is pleasant, boisterous and kind. The sleep-laugh is higher pitched, very loud and overly riotous. It is really creepy. So creepy that I normally pull all of the blankets off of him; this makes him get cold and wake up. It’s a very effective way to stop him from laughing, and I don’t believe he has figured out yet why he frequently wakes up shivering. I don’t want to poke him to wake him up because my mom always says not to wake a sleep-walker and in my mind that’s about the same as a sleep-talker.

It is slightly less creepy when he is laughing while saying something ridiculous. When the crazy laugh has context, it makes it more normal, I suppose. A recent example is that he started laughing maniacally yelling, “He doesn’t get a SECRETARY! No one gets a secretary. That’s ridiculous! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

At least in that instance I didn’t have to be concerned that it was an evil laugh, so that made it much less creepy. The hubs was just chuckling at the silliness of administrative assistants. Naturally.


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